Getting Your Girlfriend Back Advice – Ignorance Wins

Sick of being alone? Do you often sit around, reminiscing about how great it was when you were together with her? Are you pretty sure you still love her? If you are, and you’re ready to get back together with your ex girlfriend, there are a few steps you can take to win her back, and keep her back so you never have to deal with this again…

Too many men will look in all the wrong places about how to get their ex girlfriend back. They’ll look on the internet, ask friends, and sometimes even go and talk to their ex girlfriend about it. But, the advice you might be getting could actually put your chances of getting back together with her in jeopardy. If you know the basic differences between what is good for your chances and what will destroy them, you won’t end up making a big mistake, and completely destroy your chances of getting back together.

The first fundamental behind your strategy toward getting back together with her should revolve around disconnection. Unless she’s already found another guy, you really should be reducing the amount of time you spend with her or around her. This will force her into thinking she may have made the wrong decision, and will force her to at least think about getting back together with you.

Next, don’t try to make her jealous by dating somebody else and flaunting it. If you want to date someone else, do it because you want to try dating again, not because you want to make her jealous. She’ll see right through it and you’ll come across as a psycho.

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