Girlfriend Needs Space? Here’s What Giving Her Space Means For Your Relationship

If your girlfriend needs space, you might be panicking. Does giving her space mean that you’re breaking up? If she needs space to think does it mean she doesn’t know if she wants to be with you anymore? If you give her space will she want to date other guys? Can you still call her if the two of you are on a break?

If these things are going through your mind, you’re not alone. Anytime there is a change in your relationship it can make you feel insecure. Just the thought that your girlfriend doesn’t want to be around you anymore can be scary. But the good news is that if your girlfriend needs space it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love you. She might not even want to break up with you. In fact, giving her space could be a good thing!

How can giving your girlfriend space be good for your relationship? First, it shows her that you are listening to her and are trying to give her what she wants. Second, if your girlfriend is thinking about breaking up with you, giving her space will show her what life is like without you. And third, if you give your girlfriend time to think through things on her own, and she realizes that she loves you, your relationship could become even stronger than before.

Really, if your girlfriend needs space, giving it to her will make things better. If you fight her on it, or bother her too much while you are on a break, she will only want to get away from you. Not giving her space could result in a power struggle which will end with her breaking up with you to get the space she needs. She will only want to show you that she can get the space she wants even if you don’t want to give it to her. And she’ll resent you for not listening to her and trying to understand what she is going through.

Giving your girlfriend space can be the mature thing to do. If you are too clingy, it will come across as controlling and needy, and it could make her not want to be with you anymore. But if you respond in an emotionally secure way, your girlfriend will respect you more. It could even be the deciding factor in whether or not she misses you while you are on a break.

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