Great Last Minute Gift Ideas

Everyone has been in the situation where they have had to purchase a gift at the last minute. It can be hard to find the right gift even if you leave yourself lots of time to shop so finding a great gift at the last minute often seems next to impossible. Next time do not settle for something impersonal from the drug store use one of these great last minute gift ideas.

Buying online is one of the fastest ways to purchase anything and buying something online is often a great way to get a last minute gift. Personalized stamps are a great last minute gift because all you have to do is upload a photo from your computer to the stamp website and you instantly have stamps featuring any picture you want. Everyone would love personalized stamps to use on cards, thank you notes, announcements, or other mail. Personalized stamps can be created in an instant and printed or emailed fast. Personalized stamps make great last minute presents for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles … actually, just about anyone.

Some of the best last minute gifts are the gift of an unforgettable experience. Fortunately, tickets and gift certificates to many different activities are easy to get and make great last minute presents. You can buy tickets to many events such as concerts, fairs, live shows, and other activities online and print them out or email them to your recipient. You can also get gift certificates for unforgettable activities such as hot air ballooning, white water rafting, horse back riding, races and other great events. It will seem like you spend a lot of time choosing and planning the perfect but you only have to take a few minutes to buy tickets to an unforgettable experience. These types of last minute gifts for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or just about any type of gift-giving occasion are perfect for your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, father … for anyone you care enough to give these very special type gifts.

Owning stock in a famous company is something many people dream about but few accomplish because they think it is too complicated an expensive. Stock in popular companies such as Coca-Cola, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, General Mills, Disney, Harley-Davidson, Campbell's, and more are easy to buy online and affordable since you'll be buying one share only. That'll make a very unique last minute gift for a son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter or anyone you really want to give a very nice and special present to. You can buy a single share of stock of many popular companies and give your recipient a framed stock certificate as well as the company's financial information, photos and yearly newsletter. You can buy a single stock quickly online and have a notice emailed to your recipient and have the stock certificate sent directly to them.

Another good idea for a last minute gift is giving any one of the many different "Gifts of the Month" offered online at many web sites. You can select gifts like "Flowers of the Month," "Chocolates of the Month," and such diverse things as wines, beer, restaurants, ice cream, and on and on. When you buy a "Gift of the Month" they'll email you a gift certificate which you can print out immediately and present to the recipient at a moment's notice. These make great last minute gifts for anyone.

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