Have a Fun Day Photo Shoot With Girl Friends

If you like get togethers with girl friends, and are looking for something fun to do, here's an idea for you! Get together, fix each other's hair, and have a photo session!

You would just need a few things:

* Snacks (everyone bring your toothbrushes for after snacks and before the photo shoot!)

* Curling irons, hot sticks, hair bows, hats, scarves, hair pins, and hair spray.

* A handful of friends (teams of 2 would probably work best, and since it's a photo session, you probably should limit it to 4 or 6 friends total.

* At least one pretty wall-use as many as you want!

* One or more cameras – if your friends have good quality cameras, those are the most fun to play with! Pics turn out so clear!

Have everyone wear their favorite top, or a solid colored shirt. Take turns fixing each other's hair. After one group has fixed their partner's hair, add hair bows, hats, scarves or whatever you want to finish the look, and take pics! After your first group's pics are done, repeat the process with the partner!

Try out some fun poses!

You can take pics of best friends, sisters, mothers and daughters, or a group photo (use the timer on the camera!).

You can also face a decorative mirror, and have the picture taken of your reflection in the mirror.

You can use props, and one that I think it a lot of fun is …. a fan !!! You can put it behind you or in front of you!

This would be a great, inexpensive and fun get together! After you are finished with the photo shoot, you can take your memory card to WalMart or another photo center and get copies of your favorite pics!

And above all else, have a great time with your friends!

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