Home Boy by H M Naqvi

This is not exactly a new plot for you. You have read something along these lines before. Home Boy by H M Naqvi is mostly about young people discovering more about themselves or coming of age in Manhattan. While the first novel Home Boy by H M Naqvi sounds like the earlier fares, it is very different in some aspects. This is the story of three young men who live life as if tomorrow would never come, at the same time they appear rootless and uncertain about the purpose of their lives. They are also trying to adjust to the fact that they live in two worlds, modern USA and traditional Pakistan.

The Protagonists

The narrator of the book is Chuck (his real name is Shehzad) who came to USA four years ago for college. Other characters are Jimbo (Jamsheed Khan), born in New Jersey and AC (Ali Chaudhry), an immigrant. AC says he is an atheist while the other two are secular Muslims. They have assimilated themselves into the local culture well and behave like a New Yorker, dispensing directions to the tourists and jaywalking and doing everything that a New Yorker would do.

The Economic Slowdown Hits

Chuck was working for an investment firm as a researcher and was doing well in his life when the economic downturn hit and he was handed a pink slip. He tried to get another job but didn’t succeed. He was fortunate enough to enter the cabbie business as he leased a cab from its owner and started enjoying his new adventurous life.

Crux of the Story

The central event around which the story of Home Boy by H M Naqvi revolves takes place when the three visit a casual acquaintance (Shaman) for a party but he is not home (the furniture is missing) and they stay there for the night. The business of Shaman is mysterious, and when the three alight from the cab to stay there, the neighbors inform the FBI (Sept. 11 had just happened).

Fear and Despair

If the readers really want to soak in the atmosphere of fear and despair involved in what was happening, they need to read the book. When Jimbo and Chuck get back, they get closer to their families. Jimbo wants to marry his girlfriend and comes closer to his traditional father. Chuck also begins to feel the love he has for Jimbo’s sister. The book Home Boy by H M Naqvi is funny, sad (at times frightening) and detailed at the same time.

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