How Can I Tell If She's My Girlfriend?

"Is she my girlfriend if …" These are the only words that seem to be what's coming out of my buddy's mouth these last few days. He has been bugging me non-stop about some chick he has been dating for a few weeks now. He wants my opinion about what's actually happening. Though I was a bit annoyed by all the questions he kept throwing at me, I tried to imagine if I were in his shoes. What a mess it is when men like us get stuck in situations such as this, I mean we are not like the opposite sex who could confide with every single lady friend they have. We, men, tend to keep things to ourselves and try and solve it alone as much as we could. When it comes to matters of the heart, we are a bit problematic. We have our ego to protect you know. Anyway, my buddy must really be into this chick because he wanted my opinion about the matter. The truth is, though I know some points that would make sense, I really do not know how to correctly answer his questions. So for the benefit of clueless men like me and my bud, what I did was ask our friends (women included) and here are their answers.

SCENARIO 1: Is she my girlfriend if she calls me in the morning, she sends me an email during lunch and texts me before going to sleep just to check on me?

PALS: No, because you have not asked her yet. Come on man, grow some bones and ask her if she wants to be your girl. She clearly seems to be clingy to you. Besides, she would not go through all those efforts if she is not wanting to take the part.

GALS: If I were the girl, and I am interested with you, I might do these things because I want to let you know that I care for you. Do not be insensitive. There is nothing confusing about this. Normal friends do not do this, you know? Think about it.

SCENARIO 2: Is she my girlfriend if she starts being touchy and feely with me? I mean when she hugs me and gives me a kiss whenever I do something for her.

PALS: She's just grateful man.

GALS: Not really, girls sometimes become touchy and feely when they get really comfortable with someone (in this case, you). Being touchy and feely might just be the result of some emotion you stirred in her like when you made her feel extra happy or you made something nice for her. This might be her way of showing her appreciation.

SCENARIO 3: Is she my girlfriend if she shows signs of jealousy when I talk to other girls?

PALS: Hell yeah! Until you pop the question and she says yes, that is.

GALS: Of course. Women get pretty sensitive when it comes to this issue. Especially, if we notice that the girl you're talking to is hotter than us. Not that we would admit that they are hotter than us. I'm just saying that we women tend to get jealous whenever we feel that we've got competition. You get it?

SCENARIO 4: Is she my girlfriend if she makes out with me?

PALS: Most likely she's into you unless she's the kind of girl who hooks up with all the other guys in town while going out with you.

GALS: It depends. Do you get to do other things other than sex? For example, does she offer you breakfast in the morning or things like that, if yes, then I think that she plans to stay and she is expecting you to treat her as your girl. If all you did were have sex, then maybe it was all just sex.

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