How Do I Find the Best Free Advice on How to Get My Girl Back?

If you are passing through the post break up phase and want to get your girl back, you need some expert advice about it. If you do not want, or can not afford, to go to a professional counselor then internet and the female friends of your girl are your best bet.

To be sure, women love counseling. They are vocal by nature and they like tackling the issues and problems by talking about them with someone who can offer them good advice. They also like to see their partner as trying hard to repair the relationship, speaking to a counselor being one part of it. Thus, for women, efforts to save a relationship usually mean speaking to a counselor either together with their partner or alone.

However, this becomes a problem for a man, not only because counseling is often very expensive, but also because they often view the counseling or therapy with suspicion. They often have a fear that the counselor, like most other friends and relatives, will only side with the woman, placing all the blame on them. This is not really true, but men do tend to think so.

Thus, you may not be interested in going to a counselor, but you may still be in need of expert advice to save your relationship. Do not worry, you can find a lot of free advice on the internet. However, to get the best free advice on how to get your girl back, you will have to search through a number of different websites offering such advice.

To get the best advice, first identify the issues that were really responsible for the break up, and then search for the site offering advice that deals with issues closest to them. To identify the issues correctly, you may have to involve your girl also and find out her views. However, while talking to her take care not to start an argument, keep into mind that your purpose is to find out her views on the issues and not to counter them.

And why only internet? Utilize other avenues for free advice also. Speak to people who know you closely about what your girlfriend has said. You can get some of the most valuable advice on how to get your girl back, from her girlfriends. They may be unwilling to speak to you, or may even be hostile, if you have treated their friend badly or been unfaithful to her. But if you honestly make your purpose known, they will certainly cooperate.

If you can convince her friends that you are sincere in your desire to repair the damage or revive the relationship, they may not only provide you the best advice but also agree to actively help you. They can talk to your girl and this can be a great help, as no one will be able to influence them better than her female friends. However, remember that you have to talk to her female friends and not yours. Unless she knows your female friends well, she will be unhappy to know that you have been discussing matters pertaining to her with other women.

Getting the best free advice on how to get your girl back will take a little time and effort on your part; but it will certainly be worth it when, acting on it, you are able to get your love back and lay the foundations of a happy future together.

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