How Do I Get Out of the Friend Zone With a Girl?

Are you tired of always being in the friend zone? Doesn’t it bother you that no matter how good you are to a girl, you’re left with no one, while those big jerks are always parading around with arm candy every where they go?

If you’re like me, that situation has been all too familiar. You see, all through high school and into college I was always that guy. You know the one who has a lot of girl friends but no girlfriend. No matter what I tried it seemed I was always that one girls considered a brother to them, but never anything more.

It’s difficult to find advice on how to get out of the friend zone because most dating books, articles and guru’s focus on how to attract members of the opposite sex, or how to find the right girl for you. Very rarely, if ever, do they talk about the friend zone and ways you can avoid it.

But there is hope! After so many years of falling victim to the same common mistakes that men make time and time again, I’ve finally learned just what it takes to get out of the friend zone once and for all.

The biggest thing you can do is be less available. It’s tough! Believe me I’ve been there, but you see once you’re in the friend zone you’ve built a comfortable situation for the person you’re in it with. Love can do that to people, to the point where you start avoiding other commitments to always be available to the woman of your fancy. But with that comes a comfort zone where even if she doesn’t mean to, she’ll begin to take advantage of you because she’s just so comfortable with the situation. Take that comfort away from her and I guarantee you’ll see a reaction.

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