How Do I Win Back My Husband's Love?

There may come a point in your marriage where you feel just like going through the movements with your husband and feel the spark missing from your husband's love. You are not sure what might have gone wrong or what to do in such a situation.

This happens in many relationships as monotony sets in and the initial feeling of passion and respect that the husband has for her tides off. This is replaced with a decrease of intimidation leading to many awkward moments. Women are convinced that something must have hurt their husband's feelings or he must have simply grown bored of her with time. Confronting them with these issues is of no use as it would make them withdraw further back into their shell. If you really feel that the husband has lost that love connection with you there are ways to bring the relationship back on track.

Take your thoughts back to the time when your husband first fell in love with you. It must certainly not have been just the looks but the person persona you planned to your husband. With the passage of time some of these qualities might go either which way and there is no getting around that. An example of this would be the change your husband would notice when you were initially a smart, sharp careerist who has changed to a much more sober homemaker.

There is however no way that you can act the manner of a focused career woman when you are at home. Being constantly at home would also possibly restrict him of his personal space he sometimes craves, a time when he likes to be alone. You could, in such situations, take a time out and go out with your own set of friends or get involved in some other activity that reminds your husband that there are many aspects to your relationship.

There is a verse in the Bible which has great relevance in this context which says something like, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you …" If after the marriage you have let things go adrift by not giving due Care and respect to your husband it is most likely that he is reciprocating back in the same manner. It may therefore be totally incorrect to blame him for the present situation as you will need to asses as to what part did you yourself contribute to the relationship losing steam. If the treatment meted out to your husband is far from satisfactory then it is but natural that your husband might alter the equation in your relationship.

With the birth of a baby there have been many cases where the wife loses priority in the husband and focuses all her love and energy on the child. The husband can, in such situations, feel neglected and get distracted till the relationship slowly moves apart. It will only be at a later point in time when the rift is wide enough that you might notice this change.

If however, this is noticed in time and remedial actions taken, the relationship can once again be put on track. Communicate to him your feelings, care for him and do those small things for him so that he feels the center of attention once again. These actions should set you off in the right direction of winning back your husbands love.

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