How Do Men React After a Breakup?

No one can give you one single or specific answer to this question since it varies from individual to individual and the depth of the relationship. The majority of us will agree that a breakup is often a hurting and horrible experience.

o A break up can lead any perfectly rational man losing his mind. After the break up with their wife or girlfriend most of the men feel that they don’t have any control over their lives. And most of them accept the fact that time is the only solution to heal this painful feeling related to heart.

o Whatever people might say or however strong a man is, they normally end up behaving like a small kid when it comes to break ups. They often feel extremely disillusioned and lost in their own world. In many cases they even stop eating or talking to others.

o But in some cases because of the male ego they try to pretend or behave normal. It may be because of the society norms or since they are brought up being told that they must be in full control of themselves being the decision makers of the house or society. Few of them try their best to hide their inner feelings or painful reaction after the breakup. Though they cry inside as the happy memories of the time spent with their girlfriend or wife does keep revolving in their mind and keeps hurting them inside.

o Some men also react in extremely negative way by showing their destructive attitude breaking things around them; stop going to work or excessive drinking etc. For some of them it really takes too long to come in terms with this reality of life. They also try to force or harass their girlfriend or wife by frequent calls and using the words like “You can’t leave me!” “I cannot live without you!” etc.

You need to face the reality and give yourself some time for the emotions to cool down. Try to share your feelings with your friends or family members on how most men react after a breakup and how to back to normal life with a positive attitude.

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