How Do You Get Your Girlfriend to Appreciate You? – Dating Tips For Men

At this time in your relationship with your girlfriend you think she is taking you for granted and you are not fond of it. Now that you are having these feelings, it will not take you long before you will start to take her for granted. When you feel she is taking you for granted, your first thought is to talk to her about it, do not do this. How do you get your girlfriend to appreciate you, show her by the actions you take, not by talking to her.

How do you get your girlfriend to appreciate you. If you are like most boyfriends, you have completely given yourself to your girlfriend which you are in love with. You need to start by stop helping her do as much as you have been, and start doing more for yourself. This means stop running around doing everything she wants you to do like a good boyfriend that you are. You know exactly what I am applying, you know, helping with the house cleaning at her place, running to the store for her, this needs to slow down or even stop for right now. Do not make a her think you do not want to do this for her, just tell her you are to busy doing things that you need to get done for yourself right now.

One more way in how do you get your girlfriend to appreciate you is to find other ways to occupy your time and stay a way from her just a little more than she likes you to be away from her. One way to do this is by working longer, or just take a vacation with friends and not inviting her along. The only way to make this affective is not to talk to her about you not being around as much, just do it. Your goal is to make her miss you, you want her to realize you are not there in her life as much as you were. As you remove yourself further from her life, your girlfriend will start to miss you and her appreciation for you will start to change for the better.

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