How to Ask a Girl For Her Number – Learn 2 Magical Tips!

So you want to know how to ask a girl for her number? I know it can be truly daunting plucking up the guts to even approach a girl let alone asking for her number. One of the most common issues is building up the whole process so much that it feels like it is unachievable. so what do you do then?

Well, here are two of my tips to help you to succeed:

1) Working Indirectly:

Do not make the mistake of building yourself up and then go in directly for the number. This will seem weird and desperate. You have to make the number seem like it is a natural progression of the conversation. For example, you see a fine looking girl and you think that you would like to approach her. Instead of going in and asking for her number straight off the bat, simply introduce yourself. Make some basic conversation and give her the impression that you are not just there to chat her up. That is the right approach to discover how to get her number.

2) Tell Her You Will Give Her A Call:

To really get the number you have to be confident. What women love is a guy that will tell them what they want. So instead of asking, tell her! Say to her: ‘listen baby I am going to pop out for a drink next week with some friends I will give you a call to let you know where we will be. Then say, ‘what is your number by the way?’.

This is a sure fire way to help you answer: how to ask a girl for her number and finally get a hot girl.

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