How to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend! Do This and You Will Very Likely Get a Yes Response Fast

So there’s a girl you are definitely interested in. It could be that you have already been on a few friendly dates but have not been able to ask her to make it official. If you are nervous about asking her to be your girlfriend, it could be because you are afraid of her rejecting you. These tips below will help you to overcome your fears and get your girl to agree.

Dump the insecurity
IF you are feeling insecure about the relationship, then there is no way you are going to make any headway. Tell yourself that she has to like you to be friends with you. Concentrate on your assets and work on your self confidence. It helps. Once you have boosted your ego it is easier to approach her.

Look for signs and signals
If a girl likes you then she is bound to send you some signals. Are you being dense around her and missing those signs? Be vigilant and watch for the obvious signs that she likes you. If she does, she will look at you in a particular way, find reasons to be around you, touch you etc.

Don’t be too hasty
Bide your time and try to assess the situation before you ask her outright to be your girlfriend and go steady. If you are too hasty you might lose your chance. Get her more interested in you. Let her get to know you better.

Use a planned strategy
Be ready to respond to her answer whatever it may be. In case she says she is not ready to get into a relationship – don’t let it get you down. Remember she hasn’t said that she doesn’t like you. Give her the time. You could always answer “That’s OK. I’ll see you sometime later”. On the other hand if she says “yes” you could either hug or kiss her.

Take care that you are well groomed
Before popping the question, you have to make sure that you smell heavenly! Take care that your breath is fresh and you look really great. All these details help. It will propel her into giving you a favorable answer. Besides you will feel more confident knowing you look your best!

Make privacy a priority
You can’t possibly ask a girl to be your girlfriend on the basketball court or with her friends hanging on to every word. This may embarrass the girl. Find a place where you can have some privacy – maybe while walking her home or better still while you are dancing!

Be direct
When you feel the time is right, ask her directly if she would like to go out with you or date you. This way she won’t be in any doubt about your intentions and feelings.

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