How to Attract Women – Using Underhanded Jealousy Tactics

Jealousy is one of the most interesting emotions ever. Getting a girl to go for you because of jealousy feels awesome: all guys should definitely try it. It’s hidden knowledge that if you make a girl jealous, then she’s sure to fall for you, HARD. This isn’t about your morals; it’s more about getting to that point where you’re willing to try out anything that works to get the attention of the girl you want.

Utilizing these superb and tactics will get you the success with women you deserve. The one thing you ought to know is that these techniques can be used on anyone – be it your life partner, girlfriend or that hot girl next door. Here’s how you go about using jealousy tactics…

How To Attract Women – Using Underhanded Jealousy Tactics

Jealousy Tip #1. DON’T say anything about liking her. Girls know instinctively if you like them, especially ones you’ve never met before. Don’t ever tell a girl that you like her if you’ve just met her: She’ll run in the opposite direction. Flirting is quite OK, but don’t overdo it, and don’t offer to buy her a drink. This creates feelings of uncertainty, and your game is ON. Being desperate, on the other hand, will ruin things for you for all time.

Jealousy Tip #2. Flirt, Look Away. When you’re flirting with her, draw her in slowly. Watch how she reacts. When a certain tension is created in the conversation (you’ll feel it), turn around. Walk towards your friends and act like nothing’s happening. She’s now confused AND bemused.

Jealousy Tip #3: Move in. Act like you’ve forgotten she exists, and chat up another girl in her vicinity. Try to make this other girl laugh. Your girl is definitely going to be observing your behavior, and the other girl’s camaraderie with you will induce a fit of jealousy.

Don’t act surprised when she comes over on some guise to talk. If she does, you’re in the game! Now it’s time to start the seduction. Once you have gotten her attention, you should escalate by making her feel sexually attracted to you. One method is to use this hypnosis technique called fractionation.

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