How to Be Nice to Your Girlfriend – Make Sure She Stays With You

If your girlfriend appears to be cooling her love toward you recently, or maybe showing outright signs of nearing break up then you might be wondering how to be nice to your girlfriend and make sure she stays with you. You better not waste any time if you are trying to keep her from leaving, once a gal gets the idea in her head that you are not cutting it you need to act fast.

To make sure you keep this woman it would be wise to read up on some quality relationship advice, but since you are in a hurry I will get you started quickly here. There was a time when I did not have a clue about relationships and made all sorts of dumb mistakes. Fortunately I read all I could on the topic and realized what I was doing wrong. So here is how to be nice to your girlfriend and start turning her love to you up a couple notches.

I want you to know that just buying flowers and candy, while a wise move at times, is not enough. You can even get those gifts thrown back at you if you give it to her at the wrong time or in the wrong way. It used to be that I thought a nice dinner with a small gift was really going to make me shine brightly in my girlfriends life. What I found out is that she just got kind of used to having money spent on her and she really was not enjoying it.

Turns out she would have rather had a pizza on the tailgate of a pickup than go to a fancy restaurant IF I would sit and listen to her while eating the pizza instead of being so caught up with how “good” I was being to her by taking her out to the expensive places. Do not get the wrong idea and think your girl does not want to have you take her out for a nice dinner. The key is how you act when you are there. Do you talk about what she wants to talk about? How much do you really listen?

If she tells you about her problems at work that does not necessarily mean she wants you to try to fix them. She may just want you to listen and give her some support for the things she does. When you need to score points with your girlfriend because she indicates you have not been treating her right, the answer is not to go buy her some jewelry and give it to her just before you sit down to watch the game on TV or start a marathon PlayStation gaming session.

Instead, offer to take her to the mall shopping; casually, as if you have all the time in the world. Then when you notice that something catches her eye, buy it for her. Then you can go home, right? WRONG! Just because you found something to buy her does not mean you now know how to be nice to your girlfriend, been there, done that, time to go home. Continue strolling casually around the various stores, letting her show off what you bought her and enjoy wearing it.

If you appear anxious to get going, you have probably blown it. Let her chat about what she wants and pay attention to what she says. Are you starting to get the picture?

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