How to Charm a Girl in 6 Easy Steps – Surefire Ways to Smooth Talk Anyone

I always find it fascinating how we all get so tongue tied when chatting up people we REALLY like. I mean, it’s supposed to be totally natural and normal to be attracted to someone who we find sexy, so why does it feel like such work to be cool, yet still try to get across we are interested? I can’t speak for you guys, of course…but I can tell you some easy ways to make sure you are hitting the right spots with your girl…and give you a few surefire ways to make sure she’s impressed, and wants to know (and hear!) more.

1) Compliment Her! This seems so obvious..but SO many guys think this is weak. It’s not – the more flattering you are, the more attention she will pay you, I promise.

2) Use her name. Women LOVE to hear their names used. So use it. And often if you’ve just met. She WILL be impressed.

3) Take the conversational road less traveled. Think she REALLY wants to talk about the Super-bowl? Think again. Have some diverse conversational topics at your command, so you can smooth talk the REAL hotties you meet out. Trust me, while your friends are talking interceptions…you WILL be getting some special attention if you can up your topical game a notch or two.

4) Laugh at her jokes…A LOT! A huge secret here guys: We love to be funny…even if we really aren’t. So make us think that we are…and we are ALL yours, trust me!

5) Nice before Naughty: Yes..we all love to talk about the same stuff you do. But wait a while to bring up the risque topics. Don’t be a guy who thinks that it’s sexy to go there right away. It’s not. Actually it’s a turnoff.

6) Be Yourself! Yes…this is actually the SMOOTHEST move you can make. Pull off your own charisma, confidence and incredible sense of uniqueness and we WILL be impressed. I LOVE a guy who is an individual…and know that my friends do to. Stand out..and you will, I guarantee it!

And remember – life is TOO short not to have a magnificently erotic, beautiful woman in your life, in your heart…and in your bed! So go get yours today – and remember to thank me when you do!

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