How To Chat Up A Girl – 3 Effective Tips

I do not know if you have ever noticed but people like to talk about themselves. Generally what comes out of their mouth reflects what's between there ears. Hopefully in your conversational case there will be something there.

So if you want to chat up a girl begin with listening. Girls like a good listener. She will reveal – that is if you let her – what she is interested in. Now if your head is not tucked away somewhere where it should not be then you will be able to engage in conversation regarding what she is interested in. Intellectual curiosity in this case will be of benefit. In my humble observation there is nothing worse than reading all these techniques on how to chat a girl up and then sound like a robot with pre-canned questions.

People like spontaneity and surprises. When you are in the moment and listening and not consumed with what you should be saying then trust me opportunities for conversation will arise. Do not fear the awkward silence moment because if you are listening this will not happen. I could write a whole article on listening but for now understand one thing. Fear arises because you want something.

On the other hand when you are genuinely interested in something then you are naturally curious and want to discover more. As a result you will not be concerned about what you should be saying next. When it comes to conversation do not overstay your welcome. Give her space and take a break. Remember let her do the talking. You learn nothing when your mouth is in gear.

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