How To Chat Up Girls – Increase Your Odds Of Success

I have to admit it was not till recently that I started to be successful when it comes to chatting up girls. This was so because I did not know what to look for. In the past I would just think that those types of girls would not be into me. Now don’t get me wrong this is true in some cases.

I am not perfect by any standard of the imagination. Now no doubt it is a numbers game when it comes to chatting up girls. Being reserved I had a problem with this. I don’t like going up to every girl in the place asking for their numbers.

What benefited me was figuring out what to look for. You do not necessarily have to go up to girl’s cold. You can get a read from them before you make the approach. To get the read you need to put yourself in the right places.

If you have good friends who are out socializing with you then this can make it even easier. With that said some guys won’t be very helpful or at least you may not be able to discuss it with them in terms of your intentions. However if you can it is an added bonus but not necessary over all.

My feeling on the whole chat up thing was this. If I was going to walk up to a girl I at least wanted to have some decent odds at success. So my main goal was to stake things out. Now you may think that a hot girl will never let you know if she is into you. That on the surface may seem true but when you know what to look for that is to the contrary.

The bottom line is this. The approach is never easy. The last thing I want to do is make it even more difficult, At least if you have a read your confidence is far better when you get there – I think you would agree. So you need to know how girl’s communicate.

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