How to Chat With Women – And Make Her Like You Instantly (3 Tactics You Can Use Today)

Hey man, if you're having trouble keeping up a lively conversation with a girl, then there's no way you're going to seal the deal. To be successful in dating, you need to make every chat with her thrilling and also edgy. Keep reading and you'll learn three powerful "seduction by conversation" techniques that can make any woman fall in love quickly.

What Does She Want to You To Say ? Three Powerful "Seduction by Conversation" Techniques

Tactic # 1: "Shush!" You may be surprised to hear this, but women do not really care all that much about about your life. Instead, just let her talk at you all night and she'll think you're a good talker. Strange, but it works.

The thing to do is to ask her the right questions so she can keep talking about whatever she likes. Some definite topics that will be good include astrology or past relationships. If the conversation turns to lawn bowling or something weird like that, then you've gotten off track.

Tactic # 2: "Tease Her. " One great way to build sexual tension is to tease her. On top of that, it makes you come off as a very confident guy, which is very attractive to girls.

Tactic # 3: "Fractionation: A Type of Hypnosis." This is undoubtedly the strongest technique, as it involves a sort of hypnosis. If you're worried about the ethical issues of hypnosis, then you may want to stop reading now.

The fractionation technique is one that master pickup artists are able to use to make any woman fall madly in love in around 15 minutes. It makes a girl go on an emotional thrill ride and connects her positive feelings directly to you.

The end result is that the girl becomes emotionally dependent on you and will listen to whatever you say. It's a very powerful tactic.

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