How to Dump Your Girlfriend – In 3 Simple Steps

So how can you dump your girlfriend? Do you feel that things are not right with your relationship and you feel there is simply no solution to it? Do you feel that it's causing you more pain than pleasure staying in such a relationship? Well if this is the case than you should most probably dump your girlfriend and move on with your life as there is no point in carrying on something which is not going to last long. Read on to discover some of the best ways on how to dump your girlfriend.

Cut down on communication- One of the best ways to dump your girlfriend is to cut down on all modes of communication and start cutting down on the communication time with her. Slowly and steadily she would realize that it's not what it used to be and she herself would be willing to move on.

Tell her there is a problem which can not be resolved- Let her know that the reason you need to end it is that there is an issue in the relationship which is hard to resolve and breaking up is the best possible option you have right now .

Get the timing right- Always make sure you get your timing right before you dump her. One good example can be not to dump her in a public or a social place as that can lead to a big situation which might cause a lot of embarrassment to you. Make sure when you are about to dump her you are alone with her.

Be friends- Never dump her on a sad note. Try to remain friends and keep in constant touch so that you do not leave it on a blank sad note and have something to regret later.

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