How to Easily Get a Girl's Phone Number? Step by Step Process You Must Follow to Get Her Number

Naturally when a guy comes across a girl that he would like to get to know better, the first thing he wants to do is ensure that he is going to have a way to be able to contact her. Getting her phone number is the first thought, but easier said than done. There are some easy to follow steps that can make this task of attraction a whole lot easier.

Step # 1: Take your time
Try and have as much conversation with the girl as you possibly can before making the request. The more you allow her to get to know you the less of a stranger you are going to be to her, which is going to win her trust.

Step # 2: Be observant.
Look for any interest that she may have that could create a reason for you to contact her. For example, if through the conversation you find that she has an interest in a certain author, you could ask for her phone number so you can inform her if you come across a specific book she is looking for.

Step # 3: Offer your phone number first.
In the old days it was unheard of for a woman to make the first step of calling a man. In today's modern age this is no longer the case. By offering your telephone number first you are indicating to her that you respect her privacy by not asking for hers first. In many cases the girl will voluntarily exchange numbers with you.

Step # 4: Simply ask for it
When it seems like you are about to part you can make a simple honest statement like you really enjoyed talking wit her and you would love to chat again, then simply ask for her telephone number. Here you have made a point that you enjoyed her intelligence and not just her looks.

Step # 5: Go for the work number first
You may want to try getting a work number first. If you feel that she may have reservations about giving out her home number. See if she works within a reasonable location that you could meet her at, if there was a pre arranged time. You could go with the approach that you work or live close to where she works, so if she gave you her work number you could meet for lunch or dinner.

Step # 6: Use common friends
Perhaps if you have friends in common you could suggest that she give you her phone number so the next time you were going to meet up with these friends you could give her a call so you could all get together.

Step # 7: Make use of your cell phone
You could make a point of saying you just needed to check your messages on your cell phone and while quickly doing this casually ask the girl for her number so you could call her.

These are seven basic steps but every case is unique. The key to getting the girl's phone number is to watch for> the right moment <to ask for it. This means being tuned into the conversation.

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