How to Find a Girlfriend in My Area?

It is funny to think that not a lot changes throughout our lives when it love and relationships, no matter what age you are you can still find yourself asking “how can I find a girlfriend in my area?”.

It has been said that the longer amount of time you live in an area the harder it is for you to meet that special someone, this is odd because you would, naturally assume that the opposite would be true, surely if I am living in the same town for 10 or 20 years, I will have an easier time finding a girlfriend rather than if I just moved to the town and knew no one?

This is just not the case. Because we have lived in the same town for an extended period of time, we know everybody too well, and they know us. There is nothing new to be learned from each other, more importantly, there is no excitement, there is no new discoveries to be made about each other, whereas, if I have just moved to a new town, I all of a sudden become the excitement, everyone wants to know as much as they can about me, hence making it a whole lot easier for me to find a girlfriend in my area.

It has been proposed also, that when we live in one place too long, that there is also an embarrassment factor that has to be taken into consideration when we talk about trying to meet a new boyfriend or girlfriend, we worry too much about what other people in the town are going to think, will my friends give me a hard time because I am attracted to the man or woman from down the street?

However, if you are new to a certain area, there is no one to judge you, you do not have to worry about trying to impress anyone, and you are generally not going to be too bothered if the local gossipers are talking about you behind your back.

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