How To Find The Perfect Girl For You!

The first step toward finding the perfect girl for you is becoming independent. You cant let your happiness be dependent on someone else's actions. If you do, you will place too much value on someone just because they make you happy. And you will stay with the wrong person way too long because your happiness is totally dependent on her. If you make sure to never be dependent in relationships, you will find that it is easier to determine which girls are right for you and which ones are totally wrong.

I see guys all the time with broken hearts, caused by girls that are completely wrong for them. They eventually realize this after the pain goes away, but they could not see it at the time. The reason this happens is because they did not have a lot of options, and they placed a very high demand on the wrong girl. They were terrified that she would leave. And all of this overinflated demand makes her seem more valuable than she really was.

For example, if there were only two rocks in the world, they would be worth billions because the scarcity and demand would be so high. But they would still be rocks and would not do anything different than what normal rocks do. This is what most guys do not understand. The demand they place on low value girls makes them seem better than they really are.

You have to only place value on girls that have the qualities / personality / look that you find attractive. And do not raise or lower their value based on whether or not she wants to go out with you. You have to step outside your emotions and see people for what they really are. If a girl is a liar and a cheater, then she has low value and you can do better. Just because you are comfortable with her, and you are in love, does not make her a better person.

If you can see the girls you date as everyone on the outside sees them, you will not find yourself over inflating their value. This will provide an excellent foundation for finding someone that you can start a meaningful relationship with. Instead of falling in love with the girls that offer you nothing, you will fall in love with the girl that fills all of your needs.

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