How to Get a Girl – Get a Girl’s Phone Number in 3 Minutes Or Less!

I’m going to give you the lines to use here but lines without the appropriate belief set will do you no good. So get your head right and lets go.

Getting a girls number is real simple to do. The next time you run into a lady that you want to meet here is what you should do.

Your going to be aggressive and boldly yell out the word “Hey!”. This makes a person look becausesince they don’t know if it was intended for them so they are intrigued as they think a friend has just spotted them.

Next you will ask “Are you single?” curiously (Never ask if they have a boyfriend as their default guard reverts to yes to this question) and in spite of what comes out of her mouth you reply “Really? I know this good looking guy and I think you would have tons of fun with him…You ought to go to dinner with him sometime!” (talking about yourself of course)

If she gets it and in most cases women do she will smile and go along… If she doesn’t get it don’t loose sleep because what you say subsequently will reel her in regardless.

Next you simply say “I would really like to stay and chat but I’m headed out to meet some friends…Do you have email? Great write it down for me.”

Now when she starts writing the email address down here is when you sneak in the number thing and say “While your at it jot down you number too… Don’t fret it I will only call you a thousand times a day!” and smile as if she ought to realize your just kidding.

Now there is a lot of psychology taking place here that I don’t have time to go over but you can certainly learn about it and countless other techniques to meet women.

Getting the woman you want is not hard you may just need a little reprogramming along with the right techniques.

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