How to Get a Girlfriend If You’re Short, Ugly Or Broke – These Answers May Surprise You!

Sam was a decent looking guy with a good job and a great personality, but he never had a girlfriend because he was short. He made himself miserable because he never had women in his life, and it tore me apart because he would never accept my help. Todd was no different than Sam- Same height, same looks, same personality; The only difference is that he pulled one hot girlfriend after another. So what was the difference between them?

Their belief about their limitations- that’s it! If you’re short, ugly, or broke and you believe it’s the reason you don’t have a girlfriend, then you’re right. Your belief about your situation is far more important than your situation itself. Todd believed his short stature was a non-issue, and when women met him they unconsciously picked up on his belief. So why is this effective?

Because learning how to get a girlfriend is almost entirely about showing her that you have high self esteem- regardless of your circumstances. I’ve seen dudes that looked like your most feared unemployed troll and still they were able to get hot girlfriends. Even Mini-me pulls supermodels (yes, it’s true), and he teaches us a very valuable lesson while doing so- Getting a girlfriend is all about what you believe about yourself. Short, ugly, poor, whatever- Your inner belief dictates whether or not you can get a girlfriend. So how do we change?

Start by speaking to yourself differently. If you don’t have a girlfriend I guarantee you it’s because you’re thinking thoughts like: “I’m short so no women want me” or, “I’ll never get a girlfriend because I’m ugly.” You need to lose this way of thinking yesterday! Women can see right through you, and their programmed to stay away from guys with limiting belief systems. So start getting some new thinking patterns into that noggin’ of yours. Start believing that you have a lot to offer a girlfriend, because you and I both know that you do!

Remember, if you don’t have a girlfriend it’s your own fault- it’s not your body’s fault, it’s your MINDS fault. The good news is you can learn how to get a girlfriend if you’re short, ugly, or broke. All it takes is the willingness to change. Now, how about a FREE seminar designed to help you do just that?

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