How to Get an Ex Back – Top Tips to Get Your Ex Back

Going through a breakup is tough. Many people do not know what to say or do and still want to be with their ex. But what should you say to them? How often should you approach them? I have laid out the foundations of how to get an ex back in this article; hopefully it will help you make the right decisions for you.

How to get an ex back – First Step

This is a crucial part of your campaign to win your ex back. It is to stay calm and considered. Often men and women get overly emotional about a break up and end up taking action which they later regret. I am not encouraging you to keep thinking the whole thing through again and again, but merely am suggesting that keeping your cool will give you more options.

How to get an ex back – Second Step

Another mistake people make is to contact their ex too often. If you call them every day for the week after the break up and beg them to come back to you, you will appear very needy and insecure. These traits will drive them away as they are undesirable in a partner. Take some time away from them and this will help you settle your mind and get your life on track again.

How to get an ex back – Third Step

Friends of mine often do not want to talk about their breakups and what they feel. However, bottling up your emotions can have disastrous effect. By restraining yourself from talking about it or taking others' advice, you will slowly but surely feel trapped and frustrated. Let it out! Talk about it! That's what your friends are there for. They may even give you that little piece of advice to change everything.

How to get an ex back – Fourth Step

If you still feel that you can not function properly and are constantly thinking about your ex, maybe consider taking up a new hobby. Try starting dance classes, yoga or join the gym. Physical activity which involves interaction with other people is usually beneficial since it is good for your health and helps you meet new people and potential partners.

How to get an ex back – Fifth Step

After sufficient time away from your ex, you need to truly decide if you want her back. If so, why? What can they give you? Can you learn from past mistakes? Can you prove this to them? It is best in this situation not to play games and simply be real and honest. This approach will score you many points when you eventually talk to your ex again.

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