How to Get Back a Lost Girlfriend You Still Love

Men are supposed to be the strong and emotionally sturdy ones following a break up. The truth is that the end of a relationship with someone you love is just as difficult for a man as it is for a woman. It’s even more of a struggle if the break up came as a surprise or if it wasn’t mutual. If you are a man in this position one of the thoughts running through your head is likely how to get back a lost girlfriend. There are ways you can rekindle the relationship you have with your ex but it’s more about strategy than simply following your instinct.

Chances are the thing you want to do more than anything is talk to your ex girlfriend. You may feel that if you could just have a few moments alone with her that you’d be able to convince her to give the relationship another try. This is not how to get back a lost girlfriend. In fact, this will more than likely result in her becoming even more frustrated with you and it may also end with her telling you never to contact her again. As must as you ache to speak with her, resist every urge to do that. Instead make a promise to yourself every morning that you won’t call her or email her the entire day. You need to follow this part of your plan for at least a couple of weeks. You want her to feel your absence from her life and if you’re constantly trying to talk to her this will never happen.

If you two travel in the same social circles you may actually run into your girlfriend. You need to be prepared in the event this does happen. Part of the plan of how to get back a lost girlfriend involves how you present yourself to her after the split. You shouldn’t suddenly well up with tears and start proclaiming your love for her. You should appear happy and relaxed. If she does approach you say a quick hello and then make a plausible excuse for why you can’t stay and chat. Don’t be rude, but don’t be overly friendly either. Simply greet her the way you would any friend and then be the one to say goodbye first. If you do this you are showing her that you aren’t hanging on her every word and spending time with her isn’t the most important thing in the world to you anymore. Even if you want nothing more than to stand next to her for hours, leave. You need her to see that you are okay without her. This alone will make her want you the way she used to.

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