How to Get Girls off MySpace

The first time any red blooded male signs up on MySpace, there is only one question running through his mind. "How Do find the hot chicks?" That question is one that is not that hard to answer, but without a solid game plan things could go horribly wrong.

Using your search tools and friends lists are a great place to start. You can quickly scroll through these lists and pick out the best looking women with ease. Some of them may have a private profile though, so you may have to send a friend request before you get to see their profile. It is a great idea to message women with limited profiles before you add them to your friends list. Sometimes these women just do not want to be bothered but if your message is suave enough, you can disarm them with no difficulty.

Some women on MySpace are more than happy to accept your friend request. This could be a gift and a curse in one. Where you think some kind of romance could be cooking, she just could be giving you a courtesy add. A lot of women will do this, as one of their favorite games on MySpace is "let's see how many friends I can get." A lot of women just want the attention as well.

If you have the right tools in your arsenal there is not any reason why you can not get girls off MySpace. Just be sure to take proper precaution, and you will be just fine.

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