How to Get Over a Break Up – Bringing Yourself Back to Life

How to get over a break up and come out a whole person again?

If you've ever loved and lost, you understand how breaking up is probably one of the most traumatic things there is to experience in life.

Making the decision that you are going to feel better and get your life back is the first step in getting over a breakup. You have to decide to take action and do what it takes to piece your heart back together again, and as quickly as possible.

A lot of people make the mistake of reminiscing … going over and over in their minds their former life with their ex. They continue to long for the times gone by and stay in the past. Allowing this right now is only going to prolong the pain you are going through. Allowing these repetitive thoughts and memories is not the way to get over your break up.

Learn to love and accept that you will never be perfect. No matter how you try to change yourself to become a better person, if you do not accept and love the person you are right now, all the work you are doing to change is fruitless.

It's okay if you've made mistakes and have some regrets.

Accept yourself, mistakes included, and make the decision to take charge of your life. Taking responsibility for your actions is the healthy and mature thing to do. But beating yourself up about it will not get you anywhere. It will only make you feel bad about yourself and reinforce the painful feelings even more.

How To Get Over a Break Up – One Simple Technique

We have found this one simple exercise works wonders when it comes to getting over a lost love.

Try to look at a place you've spent enormous amount of time in, like your bedroom perhaps. Envision yourself doing the things in this space you would normally do on a daily basis. Think about making positive and fun changes to this room – just do it.

Buy new sheets, replace pictures, think about new lighting for the room … and especially, clear out any reminders of your ex. Make sure you clean and organize your space effectively so you can see and feel the difference.

This one cleansing and redecorating technique has proven effective for many heart broken people, and is a positive action step toward getting over a break up. It is not the be all or end all, but if you are uncertain of what to do right now, try this suggestion.

Try to remember that there were other things that gave you happiness and contentment, besides being with your ex, like hanging with friends or taking in a good film. It's understandable that the comfort friends can give or even your favorite hobbies do not matter as much right now, but in time, they will.

Real friends have an innate ability to say and do the right things. When you are ready, open up to them and allow yourself to cry some well earned tears.

Check the information on how to get over a break up, including a step by step plan to mend your broken heart faster.

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