How to Get the Girl You Like in a Month

When you found a girl who you think should be the one, you may want to find out how you can win her. There are many techniques taught all over the internet. However, not all of them work in your situation. This article will give you some ways of how to get the girl you like in a month of your contact.

1 Make a good first impression: The winner should be the one who observes well. When you meet her for the first time, quickly notice her gesture. Talk to her and learn quickly what she likes and dislikes. Then see what you can do to impress her. Don’t try too hard and break your natural manner. Be yourself but in a good way.

2 Do not overly pamper her: Don’t have to follow her all the time and try to make her feel like a queen. Be gentleman enough but do not have to do it too much. Girls like the guy who has his own stand. You will lose good image if you infringe this point in front of her eyes.

3 Optimize your call back: After the first meeting, do not call her immediately the day after. The rule is to call her back no sooner than a week. That can make her a good impression. She will get more attraction to you if you do so.

4 Win her heart by some present: On the first date, make sure that you bring her along flowers or some present. This will give you a lot more scores than other guys she used to date with.

5 Be consistent in your act: After you have seen her for awhile, you have to be consistent in everything you did toward her. That will impress her and make her feel trust and give you love. Finally, you can win her. This is how to get the girl you like in a month.

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