How to Instant-Date Women You Meet During the Day

Getting phone numbers from women during the day is a great skill to have, what's even better is the skill to immediately and effortlessly instant date them to a café or coffee shop then and there, as this does a number of things, firstly:

1. Establishes more rapport with the girl and creates a more emotional connection as opposed to just getting her phone number and running off.

2. Creates more comfort with her, she'll start feeling safe, comfortable and protected while around you and this helps especially when the times comes for the bedroom.

3. Solidifies the second date venue and reduces flakiness. Usually you'll make a plan to meet a girl at a later time and place however not all girls turn up unfortunately and this is called being flaky. If you effortlessly instant-dated her, made her feel comfortable around you, created more of an emotional connection then the second date venue will be as solid as ever.

The key to getting instant dates from women is to always look relaxed when leading the interaction to sit down with you or to join you for a coffee, because if you look even slightly bothered or nervous about asking then she'll sense it and become weary .

Some of my favorite instant date lines:

1. "I'm just waiting for a friend now he should be another 10 minutes, so would you like to join me for a quick coffee while I'm waiting" (Note put emphasis on the word "quick" and make it seem that you're waiting for your friend and ideally not just trying to get a date with her)

2. "You seem pretty cool what are doing in the next 5 minutes? Well I've got a function to get to but I want to tell you this funny story that happiness the other day, lets grab a quick coffee"

Instant-dating women is actually a good skill to have however remember that you must look relaxed when leading the interaction and push it as far as you can. If she says she cant join you push a little more as most girls give out "token" resistance like "I've got somewhere to go" even when they do not, they say this as it's the only objection they know to put up at this point (even if they like you). So just say "just join me and have a quick chat for 5 minutes and then you can go to ##).

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