How to Keep a Guys Interest on the Phone? Follow These 7 Tips & He Will Be Hooked to You

The guy that you like finallyave you his number and now you want to do late night chatting with him. A word of caution, keeping his interest on the phone is a different ball game and it is not like when you speak to him in person. Here is what you should know to keep his interest on the phone.

Do not show your desperation
Please do not show your desperation by sitting next to the phone to answer his call. Go about your normal routine and in fact let the phone ring a few times before you finally pick it up. Letting the answering machine take over a couple of times is also a good idea as then you can call him back and show that you too lead a busy social life.

Laugh and sound thrilled
While on the phone keep him interested by laughing and joking with him. Keep the romantic talk to a minimum as he may not be able to reciprocate in the same manner due to circumstances. Instead focus on having a good conversation that is laced with humor.

Talk of things that interest him
If you have done all the formal talking and now you have nothing more to discuss but you still want to continue the chat then steer the conversation to his area of ​​interest. That way he will have much to talk and you can listen to him. This will also make him feel good as he will be talking confidently.

Share naughty jokes
Since you are not there to visibly stimulate him try sharing a naughty joke with him. Show him that you are game for such things and he will call you more often as he knows that you too enjoy naughty jokes like him.

Do not ever cut him off
Give him all the importance when you are speaking to him. Even if you get an alert that someone else is also trying to reach you do not cut him short saying "I am getting another call ….. I will call you back". Use tact and tell him that you are expecting a call from your mother or a cousin. Better still try and finish the call without cutting short the conversation.

Timing of your call
Timing you call is also very important to retain his interest. If he is sports fan and there is a sporting event that is going on live on television then do not call him. Also do not call him when he is with his friends and hanging out at the bar or pub. Instead wait wait he reaches home and then call. Another important thing is to not drag the conversation. Keep it short and sweet.

Conclude on a positive note
When you do hang up do so on a positive note. Never conduct debts and arguments on the phone. Do that in person if you have to but not on the phone. Always end the phone call on a pleasant note. A "love you", "kisses" or plain "miss you" should suffice.

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