How To Know If A Man Loves You? 5 Clarifying Facts That Tell You How A Man Truly Shows His Love!

Men do not TALK about their emotions or feelings like women do; INSTEAD, men use their actions to convey their feelings. This is ever so true when it comes to love, and your man likely loves you a lot, but you may not see it because he may not say “I love you”, or “Sorry” as often as you’d like, if at all. BUT, that doesn’t mean that he’s not showing it in a completely different and more POWERFUL manner.

Use these 5 doubt clearing facts about men to know if a man loves you:

He Always Comes Back

He may leave. He may tell you that you’re just friends, but then get intimate with you again. He may ask for long periods of space or distance. He may even hang up on you sometimes. BUT no matter what, he ALWAYS comes back. If a man didn’t want you, and if a man didn’t care about you, he’d leave completely. But a man who comes back, is a man who cares and that’s a man who is willing to try again and again just for you.

He Communicates That He Wants Commitment

It’s hard for a man to even talk about commitment, but if he has begun talking about long term dreams that INCLUDE you; or if he has begun to talk about getting married, or a life together etc…… then he is clearly smitten over you.

He’ll Take You When You Are Your Worst Self

We all have our poor moments where we may dish out some things that aren’t even valid, or may say things that can be extremely hurtful etc…. But if he sticks with you, even in your worst and most destructive moments, he’s obviously there for the long haul and loves you.

He Confides In You

When a man confides in a woman, about his mistakes, regrets, weaknesses, insecurities, and fears he ultimately gives her the tool to destroy him should she wish to. However, a man who confides this confidently in a woman, is a man who clearly trusts her to care for him; but also a man who loves her and would like the same from her.

He Shares His Problems With You

It may seem silly that sharing a problem is an act of love; but for a man it is, because they naturally want to take the world onto their shoulders alone. It’s difficult for a man to actually open up and SHARE his problems with a woman, because usually he wants to solve it on his own. BUT, if he is opening up to you about what’s truly eating him, he’s obviously quite in love with you.

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