How to Know If a Woman Wants You? Here is How to Easily Read Her Mind & Figure Her Out Instantly

When a woman finds you attractive and wants to know you personally then she will do so by sending subtle signals which you will have to make sense of. Women do this as they are equally afraid of rejection as we men are. Here are seven things that she will do if she wants you.

She will hang around you

If you spot a particular lady / girl that is constantly hovering around where you are and see her giving you a smile every once in while then it means she has taken a liking for you and unless you screw up big time you can have her as your date. She will look in your direction and when your eyes meet give you one of the sweetest of smiles you have ever seen.

Chats freely with you

When a woman wants you she will want to be close to you and chat you up. She will laugh heartily at your jokes, even silly ones, and generally agree with all that you have to say. Throughout the discussion or conversation her eyes will be fixed on you and nothing will distract her. This is a sure sign that she wants to be close to you.

Her body language

A woman's body language will tell you exactly how she feels about you. If she is not guarded then she will lean closer to hear what you say. She will also mirror your actions and play with her hair if she wants you.

Gets physical

If what you consider an accidental brush of her breasts continues to happen at regular interval then it means that she is physically attracted to you. She will also gently touch your thigh and keep her hand on it for a bit longer than normal. There will be no effort to pull back from you if you lean closer to her.

She gives you her phone number

A woman that is genuinely interested in you will give you her number without you asking for it. She will find some pretext and part with her phone number.

She calls you

If you have been able to get her number without much problem then you can put her to test. Do not call her for a couple of days after getting her number. Chances are that she will find an excuse and call you up.

She likes your club

If you suddenly find her taking interest in your activities then it is sure sign that she loves being around you and would like to date you or have a steady relationship with you. The unwritten code amongst women is "if you love the man, then learn to love his club"

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