How To Leave Girlfriend Or Wife – How You Can Do It

How to leave your girlfriend (or wife), it is a big question …

Leaving someone is always a big step, especially if you have been with this person for a long time. I personally found the thought of change daunting and to be honest effort, it's a lot easier to just think, "bah things might pick up" or "maybe she will change?" but I learned that staying with someone just for the sake of it is plain wrong, they are obviously not compatible. Believe it or not, I think the kindest thing to do sometimes is just to leave her, full stop.

Obviously I talked to friends and family, but they all say the same thing, and I never really found it reassuring, all I wanted was a way out, which a lot of people know they want but cant.

I would often think to myself randomly during the day about splitting up with my girlfriend and planning when to do it, but it's easy to bottle it, because I did loads of times.

I know what it feels like and it gets really frustrating inside when you want to leave someone, but you're afraid to hurt her. It used to really get to me to be honest, I used to think, why can not I be the type that just does not care? But I'm not like that, and I think there are many others that are not either.

I did learn though, that in the end it was just more kind to leave her, no matter how hard it was, because at the end of the day I was having these thoughts and they were not going away … it was even worse to think of spending years more with her based on a lie.

If you're reading this though, I suspect you know what I'm talking about!

Any way! I do not want to bore you anymore, thanks very much for reading my experiences, and hopefully you realise you're not the only one feeling this way!


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