How to Make Your Best Friend Your Girlfriend – 5 Ways to Make Her Fall For You

Best friends will always be something that makes life sweeter and cute — especially if your best friend is a girl. Most best friends would end up happily ever after while others just remain friends forever. Both are cool but come on, I know you'd want to take things on a different level. Of course, there's a risk of things not working out and you can never go back to being just friends — it's complicated but it's a risk we're all willing to take — provided of course, that you're already attracted to your best friend. So without further torture, here are a few tips on how to make your best friend your girlfriend and to finally make her fall for you.

  • Get sweet with her. Maybe you've been treating her so much like a guy that she's gotten used to the fact that you'll always remain buddies no matter what. Stop playing football with her for awhile, do not punch her on the arm and do not mess up her hair. Instead, show up with some flowers next or hold her hand on the way home — that would definitely make her wonder big time.
  • Tell her about having a boyfriend. Provided that she still has not have a boyfriend yet. Tell her that since she's single and so are you, why do not you take it to the next level — beware however, there's a good chance she might think you're just kidding, so look serious and be serious. You will need it.
  • Surprise her. Appear on her front door with a box of chocolates, climb up her window, walk her to school (anything you have not done before) and she will definitely start to get your message. Surprises are romantic and a girl will not miss it. So go on and start your big move now!
  • Hang out with her other friends. When she's out with her girlfriends, go right ahead and join in. Bring over when you're going out with your guy buddies are well — they will start to think that you're a couple. This can help build attraction and she'd be more inclined to think about the real score between the two of you now.
  • Always keep in touch. Call her up just to say hi, ask her to hangout, help her out with some chores, tell her something she does not know yet (confessing your feelings might be a good idea) — just keep in touch no matter what. Being together all the time will make you have bigger chances she'll fall for you.

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