How to Meet Girls in the Gym

Here are a few quick tips for starting a chat with beautiful women in the gym. We all see hot girls at the gym. We want to talk to them and the dorky "hey how often you come here" thing is the first thing that comes to mind. I like to open them with high energy (we are at the gym ..) and a fun playful vibe. I'll almost act as if it's 5th grade and I'm "opening" a girl on the playground. This mindset works great at the gym.

For instance, if you see a girl down on the mats doing an exercise like the plank, plop yourself down on the mat next to her and challenge her to a contest. "Who can stay up the longest !?"

Make some flirtatious comments throughout the contest. You could even just grab her elbow to make her fall! Then they'll call you a cheater and you can just straight up deny it, even though its obvious you are. The other day I got a girl to agree to a bet on the contest of 1 drink at the bar, which is absolutely great because you're setting up a date right away to see them again.

Another way I LOVE to meet girls in the gym is at the leg exercise machines, the hip abductors. For those of you who do not know, these machines are stereotypically "girlie", although I do use them a lot because they are key muscles for martial arts. However, you can use this stereotype as a great conversational starter.

Usually I'll ask them to work in with them and then I'll just make funny comments about how I'm preparing for pregnancy or how my ass looks fat and I hate it (fake a girlie tone), or I'll ask to work in, lower the weight, and then struggle to even do one rep with an "UHHHHHHHHHGGGG!"

The key to elements for that will make it easy to meet girls in the gym is to be FUN and HIGH ENERGY. Most people are way too formal. Treat it as if the gym is your 5th grade playground. You want to meet a girl on the playground? Tag! You're it!

Get creative with it and just have fun. You can be real serious with your workout and still be a goof when you're meeting girls in the gym.


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