How to Meet Girls Online – Simple and Amazing Instant Messaging Tactics That Make Girls Go Insane!

Instant messaging is often one of the most neglected avenues for picking up some of the hottest girls. However, many guys just make far too many mistakes when it comes to instant messaging and how to meet girls online.

Instant messaging is a common mistake for most guys and they fail to fully understand why. Unfortunately, this is what ruins their chance to score with the girl they really want.

You first have to slow down with your fast fingers. Do not go typing one hundred messages a minute. If you do this you will come of as needed. A girl will look at you as a joke and think you are only consumed with her every answer she writes.

Understand to keep your chat pace at a good rate, answering not to soon. The last thing that you want is for her to think you are an annoying online chatter. Once you are labeled this, they may never answer your instant message again.

As a rule of thumb, every time she sends you a message, wait 6-10 seconds before responding. By taking these extra few seconds of silence after she sends you a message, you will not come off like you are doing nothing but talking to her. Remember what we're trying to portray here?

You're trying to portray a confident, high-quality male. Guys like you have better things to do than just talk to her; you're talking to other people, you're on the phone, you're busy with your job, you get the picture.

Women want guys with lives. So do not portray like you do not have one. Do not smother her with messages!

Another tip is to make sure your spelling and punctuation is at least adequate. Wow, finally grade school is important? No way! Everyone should be doing this all the time. When you're instant-messaging with a girl, take that extra few seconds to make sure you have not slaughtered the English language!

Do you honestly think some girl is going to dig you if it's evident that you have the brain the size of peanut?

So take some time to read what you are actually typing!

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