How to Pick Up a Gay Man

Ever find yourself wondering if the cute guy at the coffee shop is gay? Or if the sexy guy with his arm around a girl is her boyfriend or her gay boyfriend? Short of moving to a predominately gay neighborhood or hanging in gay bars, you may find it hard to tell if a man is gay or not. Picking up someone is hard enough when you’re straight, but when you’re trying to deduce if someone is gay it’s doubly as hard. But even if you are at a gay bar, how can tell if a guy likes you?

The most important thing to do is make eye contact. If you can’t seem to catch his eye, swish by him, crack a joke to your friends, or do a sexy little dance. Just don’t act too crazy or he might think you’re more suited for the looney bin than the bedroom.

And for the love of God don’t stare. It will make you look like a creepy pervert. Give him a glance and then look away. Someone who is interested will definitely return your glances. Follow up with a shy smile. If they smile back, you’re in!

Once you’re positive the person of your affection is interested, saunter over to him and make conversation. If he’s with his friends, don’t forget to say excuse me first. After all, you do want to be polite even if you plan on being naughty later. Introduce yourself and say you couldn’t help but notice him and ask if you can buy him a drink. If that feels too forward, just brush past him while giving him a sideways glance. If he’s interested he will eventually make his way over to you.

Heat things up by dancing together and letting your hand graze his back. At the end of the night let him know you had an awesome time together and ask him for his phone number.

Now remember, this is the gay world we’re talking about. Make sure you dress to impress. You don’t have to be a Greek god, but you do have to look stylish and put together. Confidence is also key. Nothing is less sexy than someone who lacks self-esteem.

If you spot a guy and he turns out to be straight, don’t fret. Just move on. There’s no point in wasting your time with a guy who’s never going to return your affections. Most importantly remember to kick back and have fun!

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