How to Put Seduction in Practice

OK, now you've bought a seduction eBook and you are on your way of success. However, after some nights out you quickly realize that seducing women, you will not be as you thought. You've heard that if you attend a boot camp things may improve but some of these seduction boot camp are extremely expensive and success is not to be taken for granted.

What is the alternative?

Well, the alternative is a quirky seduction game that exists known as Fast Flirting. Fast Flirting used to be an underground game played by pick artists in Europe with goal to produce the best possible results in the least amount of time. It used to be a game that taught pickup efficiency. One could say that this game was the equivalent of mixed martial arts where all types and approaches are put in the same arena to see which scores the best. The result is Fast Flirting.

What you get is a game that pushes you to improve your seductive skill in a fun way that reminds you of playing monopoly. The only difference is that you interact with real people, in real bars and you do all that for free. It claims to be open source as opposed to all the methods that you must first purchase a book in order to learn if it is good or not.

I have met multiple players of Fast Flirting and they are extremely good seducers. I can not know if all that efficiency came out of the game or just from the long years of practicing their art, but I am at least satisfied that it works.

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