How to Start a New Relationship With Your Ex Girlfriend

Breakups often happen suddenly with no warning signs, leaving you and your ex stunned and doubtful that this is truly the end of the relationship. If the relationship is new this feeling is even more apparent. A lot of guys have a hard time accepting the fact that their girlfriend has left and spend a lot of time thinking that she’ll be back tomorrow. If you find yourself wondering how to start a new relationship with your ex girlfriend, you need to formulate and follow steps for doing so.

Getting your ex girlfriend back may require several steps and a lot of time, but most guys find that getting their girl back is worth it. When creating your plan, keep in mind these important steps:

– It is possible to get back your ex girlfriend no matter what the circumstances were that lead to the breakup. First and foremost, before starting anything, you need to seriously consider if you still love her. How does it feel without her? Do you really want her back? Why? If any of your answers are in the realm of not wanting to be alone or to repair your pride, stop now. Trying to rekindle a relationship for any reason other than true love is pointless and damaging to both parties.

– To start a new relationship with your ex girlfriend it is important to never seem needy. You may want your girlfriend back so badly that you are willing to do and say anything, but appearing desperate is very unappealing to women. If your emotions are too difficult to hold back, find a friend or family member to unload on, but never your ex girlfriend. Keep in mind that you should never beg or cry in front of your ex and, by no means, should you ever follow them.

– Get a hold of yourself and lose any feelings that are damaging your self-esteem. Instead, focus and the positive aspects of renewing your relationship and the good feelings that are involved. If your ex perceives you as desperate she will, more than likely, end up pushing you further away.

– Don’t cut your ex off completely. Even if she ended the relationship, you need to appear compassionate and willing to talk when she is ready. By no means do you need to be the one to initiate communication, but if you find her willing to talk, always be civil, polite, and ready to listen.

– Most importantly, spend some quality time examining your relationship and focusing on what went wrong. In order to get back with your ex you need to be willing to acknowledge that there was a problem and be willing to work with your ex to fix it. Think about what lead to the arguments you had, which of your actions upset your ex, and do your best to resolve those issues.

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