How to Stop Your Girlfriend From Breaking Up With You

As far as you can tell, the relationship is going great.

Both of you are spending tons of time together. You feel that there is an amazing connection. This feeling that you are having is real.

You have said the magic L word to your girlfriend many times in a day.


Somehow or another, you have the feeling that she is slowly pulling away. You are confuse as to whether you should talk to her or just ignore it. But the signs are getting obvious and stronger.

You have tried to put it out of your mind and just forget about it. You hope that it would just go away on its own.

Somehow, you know deep inside you that something is going on inside her. Something is making her withdraw from you physically and emotionally.

Something has happened and you know that she is feeling and acting differently with you. She is not as warm and loving as before. In fact she is rather distant and cold towards you.

Something is wrong and you just could not put your finger on what it is. You can sense that things are starting to go from bad to worse. Everything you do or say does not seems to make things better.

You love your girlfriend so much and breaking up and losing her forever is not an option you are looking at.

What should you do? How can you stop your girlfriend from breaking up with you?

Let me give you a piece of advice. You should not be asking What should you do? Instead let me tell you WHAT YOU SHOULD NOT DO to stop you girlfriend from breaking up with you.

Do you realize that what you are experiencing is now fear. A self-sustain fear?

Fear is one of the root of relationship problems. Fear make you could not let go of what was filling up inside you.

Fear makes you act in ways that you NEVER would have acted otherwise. Fear makes you do stupid and silly things that will make you regret in the future. In simple words, fear makes you act irrationally.

More often than most, you will start to shut yourself from your girlfriend and from the pain to try to protect yourself. If you continue with this behavior, things will eventually get worst and she will pull further away from you.

Without you realizing it, your feelings and actions actually is the cause of the final breakup. Something you had feared to begin with.

Remember, if you act out in a negative, emotionally-charged way, you only sets off a severe reaction where you might begin to act or think in destructive ways. There is a high tendency for guys to try and pre-empt the pain and fear by pulling away or getting distant first. There is a high tendency for guys to try and control the fear by acting violent.

Do not let fear get the better of you and end up making your girlfriend leave you. Remember, you can stop your girlfriend from breaking up with you if you know how to control your fear.

I have tabulated 3 of the most common fears that can make your girlfriend pull away from you:

You become intensely negative, and start accusing your girlfriend the moment you sense she is acting distant. You start to pass statements like : You do not love me anymore, I know you are thinking of breaking up with me, Do you have another guy, You found someone else Finding ways to hurt or reject your girlfriend by being inflexible, intolerable or even childish Acting out in ways that are sure to destroy the relationship, such as cheating, violence etc

Always remember that fear and insecurity only get you further away from a relationship. A secure relationship involves love, commitment, communication and trust.

Yes, sometimes it hurts that you are the only one dedicated and committed to the relationship and your girlfriend is not as committed as you. But always remember that fear and insecurities can drive you and your girlfriend apart during the most critical of times.

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