How to Talk Dirty Online – It Does not Have to Be Just Your Fingers You Know!

Talking dirty online is something that almost anyone can do without too many problems. Because there is no eye contact, no physical contact and no voice contact, you can literally let the keyboard do the talking for you. It is easy to become "someone else" online and indeed many people do exactly that on a regular basis. Knowing how to talk dirty online can lead to increased confidence when it comes to talking dirty in other more personal situations in future.

Dirty talk online is really no different in terms of what you say, compared with talking dirty face to face or over the phone. The one difference is that you will more than likely have greater confidence to say things that you may not say in other situations. When talking dirty online you have to rely on words only. You can not portray tone of voice or facial expressions which means that your words tend to be stronger online so you can get your point across.

So how can you beat the challenges of talking dirty online?

Firstly, making use of 'emoticons' can greatly assist the mood. These include the regular smiley face emotes as well as some custom made ones. Just letting the person know if you are having fun is vital as there is really no other way for them to know!

Second, you can send photos of one another via the internet. This adds an element of reality to it. Once you get to know the person you may choose to send some raunchier photos of yourself but of course, adhering to internet safety rules is recommended as you never truly know who you are speaking to at the other end.

Another way to make the most of talking dirty online is to get a microphone. This then turns your online chat into an almost phone chat. This is a great way to expand upon your online dirty talk. Once you can hear the other persons voice you'll be amazed at how much raunchier the dirty talk can get. Commonly a person who is confident talking dirty via the keyboard may be very shy over the phone or in person so it is important to remember this after you've had some particularly explicit conversations with someone in a chat room.

Knowing how to talk dirty online is exciting and can cure the boredom of being single, without going through the awkwardness of meeting new people regularly. Who knows, that person you spoke dirty to online may end up being someone who you will meet one day!

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