How to Talk to a Guy You Don’t Know! Follow This & You Will Make a Blasting First Impression

It’s a childhood rule not to talk to strangers. But if the stranger is a cute, good-looking guy, make that as an exception! It’s difficult to start off a conversation with someone you barely know, not to mention his handsome face that will make you blush and stammer as you utter words that you involuntarily meant to say. Here’s how you can stay poised and be able to keep up when talking to a guy you don’t know:

Find excuses to talk to him

Pretend to be lost and ask for directions or request him to guide you to where you are supposed to go to. If he does help you, tell him how grateful you are for his help and smoothly ask him out for a date to show him your gratitude.

Don’t start acting weird

Stay calm and confident. Don’t be over familiar with him or feel so close – yet. He’ll freak out if you become too anxious or excited in approaching him and actually asking him out.

The constant eye-to-eye contact

Stop wandering your gaze at every inch of his body, even if he’s super hot. He’ll think that you’re a maniac if you do that and wouldn’t want a single word with you again. Keeping a good eye contact will tell him that you are serious of talking to him rather than pouncing on him immediately.

Cleverness and humor

Be candid and joke around when talking to him. Make him feel comfortable with you. And after you’ve built enough rapport, tease him a little, then eventually, flirt some.

Ask open-ended questions

This will keep the ball rolling. Don’t make it too easy for him to leave the conversation. Talk about anything under the sun. But be sure not to look too obvious that you just wanted to talk to him.

Move closer to him

Catch his attention by getting near him. You can’t just wait for a random cute guy to approach you, you have to make the move yourself and there’s nothing wrong with it. Just make sure you don’t appear suspicious to him because he might move away and run as fast as he can.

Keep guarded

Sure thing, he’s cute alright, but don’t get your hopes too high. It’s a crazy world out there and you should be careful in talking with random people that you meet. He might be a criminal or something (that’s the worst possible scenario that could happen). So stay alert and assertive when talking to a guy you do not know.

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