How to Talk to Girls – Incredible Tips for Guys

How many times have you tried to call a girl but couldn’t think regarding what to talk about? So how to actually talk to a girl? This question normally tends to puzzle most guys. What to talk about, what topics to use, how to behave, the right language and so on. There are several aspects which should be kept in mind before talking to girls. Girls tend to evaluate guys based on several aspects of their personality and talking is one of the most essential of them all. Read on to find out some of the best and proven ways on how to talk to girls and get the desired results.

Learn to start right- Girls are used to that old standard hi or hello; Girls expect better talks from guys now. Most guys get the wrong opening statement or line and this is the main reason why they are not effective in talking to girls. Always open up with something extraordinary which would catch her attention. Girls would never continue talking to you unless they feel there is something distinct about you or your personality.

Keep it small- Some guys tend to talk forever which normally leads to turning most girls off. The more you talk to her the more information she would gather about your personality and that aspect of mystery would die. Girls like to talk to guys who are mysterious enough and are worth talking to. The more you talk the more information you are spitting out about yourself which makes you an open book. Therefore learn to keep your talks small and remember silence is golden sometimes.

Awkward silence- Sometimes talks with girls tend to get into an awkward silence where both parties do not know what to talk about. This is the worst situation you can ever be in with girls. The moment this starts happening in your talks most girls would most probably put you in the boring talker category and she would never think of you the same way.

Finish early- It’s always good to make an early exit when talking to girls. Even when you feel the talks are extremely interesting and amusing. Girls only want more from guys when they feel you have something distinct and interesting about yourself. Making an early exit from a very interesting talk tends to leave girls wanting more from you thereby creating more attraction.

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