How to Talk to Girls on the Phone

Not every guy faces this problem, but if you are, then help is at hand. Many guys might find talking to girls on the phone nerve wrecking. Well, there is actually no secret as to how to talk to girls on the phone. Every guy thinks they know what they are doing, but upon hearing the first "hello" from the girl, they will start fumbling and tripping! So, to prevent further fumbling, read up on how to talk to girls on the phone. It will definitely come in handy!

Here is a short list of what you will need to master the art of sweet-talking over the phone:

1) A girl

2) A phone (Definitely!)

3) Confidence

First step: You may be interested with her since last term, but you are just too scared to chat up with her. Or maybe, both of you are acquaintance so you do not really have the guts to ask for her number face to face. Well, here is an easy technique. Try asking around from her best friends, and perhaps, you could suggest an exchange of numbers through that friend. Furthermore, talking on the phone is a better way to break any invisible tension, before you start talking to her personally.

Second step: Great! The next step is to call her. Before you call her, you have to calm yourself down. Take deep breathes and slowly inhale and exhale. Breath in and out through you nose once, filling your lungs capacity then releasing all of the air out of your lungs. Do control your oxygen intake and feel the air in and out of your lungs. Try to do this for a couple of time until you can feel your heart beating as per normal. Of course, do this ONLY if you are nervous.

Third Step: Now that you have calmed down, think mentally about the topics that you would want to talk about with her. By doing this, it helps you to pop up a question in time before the conversation dies. Try to be talkative and take interest about her life.

This would just show that you are interested with her and not the boring ol 'Joe. No matter what happens, do not remain quiet! It will cause the conversation to be boring and she will just pop a reason to end the conversation fast!

Fourth Step: This step determines how the conversation would flow. Basically the rule is to be yourself. Yes, you get it right. At the beginning of the conversation, ask about her day, and go from there. Depending on the type of girl, some of them may be pretty outspoken and they are very willing to share with you about other things, like regarding the latest movie show that she caught with her friends.

But, most of the times, girls are shy creatures. They do not talk much (especially during the very first conversation) but of course, be a man and lead her through the conversation! If you do it successfully, both of you will end up with hours on the telephone.

Try these steps and she will soon start wishing that she could talk to you every night!

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