How To Tell If A Woman Is Flirting With You

You can never be sure about what’s in a woman’s mind and what she is thinking. The guessing game does not always work when it comes to figuring out what a woman truly wants from you. You simply do not want to get embarrassed when you approach her thinking she might be flirting with you and maybe has a crush on you. Therefore how to be absolutely sure that she is really into you and is flirting? Read on to find out.

Constant smiles- Every time you look at her she would always have a nice inviting smile on her face. This is a certain sign that she likes you and might be flirting with you in order to get you to talk to her.

Plays with her hair- If a woman plays with her hair while staring at you than she is indeed flirting with you. There are several ways by which women play with their hair, now not all signs prove that she is playing with you. She would most probably use one finger and keep rolling it around her hair while she stares at you.

Try to seek attention- She would always try to seek your attention. If you are glancing somewhere else she would make sure she comes in the way so you take notice of her. She would try almost all tricks in the books to get you attention and maybe talk to you.

She would get personal- If she manages to get you attention and starts talking to you she would most probably ask you very personal questions maybe about your personal life whether you are single or not, are you seeking anyone, what sort of women do you prefer and she would try to fit herself into your criteria. She would pay high attention to everything you say and would remember all the comments you made to her. She would be more than willing to ask for your personal contact details such as phone number or your email address.

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