How To Tell If He Likes You Through Texting: Know What A Guy Truly Means

Guys do not always tell what they truly feel; most of them just beat around the bush and try to play it cool. When this happens, it might be difficult how to tell if he likes you through texting, as the short messaging system is limited in its capacity to allow people to get their message across the way they want it to.

Fortunately, even if you cannot tell the emotion that goes with the text messages that you receive from a guy, you can still be able to tell if he has grown fond of you. To check whether he likes you or not, here are some clues that you can find from his text messages to you:

  • Message filled with concern – if he asks you about your day and you tell him that it has not been going so well, you would know that a guy likes you if his response shows sympathy and concern. Actually, even the act of replying to your message could be a sign that he likes you; because most guys would not even want to get involved with your personal troubles if they are not into you.
  • Lengthy responses – even if you are just conversing about a favorite sport or pastime that both of you enjoy, you would know that a guy likes you if he engages himself in the topic that you are discussing. Even if a guy is not really fond of typing messages on the phone, if he is truly interested in a girl, then he would surely take time to type lengthy messages and enjoy texting with you.
  • He tries to explain – if a guy has a busy schedule and was not able to respond to your message instantly, he would try to contact you as soon as he has the time to do so. When this happens, you can be more familiar with how to tell if he likes you through texting by checking out the content of his response. If he apologizes for the delay of his messages and tells you why it was so, then he might be trying to let you understand his situation, hoping that you will not lose interest in him. In which case, the guy is truly into you, as he does not want your communication to be broken.
  • He sends you messages – the fact that the guy is responding to your messages is something that can truly tell a lot. He would not bother to reply if he is not interested in talking with you; and, therefore, if he likes you, he would readily reply to the messages that you send him (even if they are just quotes and other non-conversational messages).

It might not be easy to learn how to tell if he likes you through texting, but it is definitely possible. You just have to be more sensitive of the seemingly restrained messages that he sends, and you would know how he truly feels about you in no time.

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