How to Text a Girl – Deadly Text Message Seduction

There a simple rules to follow if you want to know how to text message a girl.

The First Text

The first text should always relate in some way to the first time you met the girl in person. A text message is always your second impression. Try and relate the message to a funny or interesting theme from your last conversation with her. You should also introduce who you are if she might not know your number.

After She Responds

Hopefully she will respond to your message positively. You made it interesting and erred on the side of funny, right? Good, so now it’s time to start building attraction. In order to do this, you must keep being interesting. Take your time and respond with something witty again. The best part is you can take awhile to think before you respond. You don’t have to come up with something immediately. In fact, it’s better not to respond right away as you want to make her think you’re a busy guy.


Keep flirting with her by calling her names and teasing her via text. These types of messages are more likely to illicit a response. If you’re not being challenging for her, she’ll stop answering. Also, it’s good to drop subtle sexual hints.

Setting Up The Date

If this is only the second interaction you’ve had with the girl, it’s best that you don’t ask her out on a typical date. Tell her that you’re going to a party or out to do something interesting with some friends if she wants to tag along. Tell her you need to buy some clothes and she should come help you do some shopping. The opportunities are endless. Just don’t ask her to go to an Italian dinner where she’ll be stuck with you for hours at a time. Make it loose and pressure free.

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