How to Transition From Being a Girl’s Friend to Her Boyfriend – 3 Steps For an Easy Transition

Making the transition from a girl’s friend to her boyfriend is not easy. There are several objections that you need to overcome. The girl might feel that you are committing a betrayal of her trust, of the friendship, by suggesting that you become her boyfriend. Or she might be unsure of her feelings or she might not feel the same way about you at all.

What’s really at risk here is your friendship which you might damage or lose if the transition doesn’t happen. To help you overcome the objections and roll out a smooth transition, you have to make sure that the girl finds you attractive and would like to be your girlfriend before you even ask her. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1. Develop high social value.

You need to make her see you as an attractive male and not just her best bud. To do this, you’ve got to highlight qualities that women find attractive in men, one of which is a high social value. Now you need to create social value outside of your friendship with your girl. To do this, cultivate a circle of friends outside of your friendship with your girl. Get a new hobby. Hang out with your other friends. This will help you up your social value independent of your girl.

If you are the kind of friends who always do things together, this will take a bit more work and more time to set up. But trust me, it’s well worth the effort.

Step 2. Bring her in to your territory where you can treat her like a lady.

Now that you have activities and friends outside of your friendship with this girl, you can now slowly introduce her to “your world”. This step is very important because this will allow her to see you in a new light, in new situations, with new people around.

When you bring her in to your territory, you will be her bridge to all these new experiences. Now is the time you can start slowly planting the idea that you can be more than just friends. Initiate some teasing and some light banter to test the waters. Away from everything that’s familiar to her, the new scenery is the best way to allow some new dynamics to flourish between the two of you.

Step 3. Watch out for signs that she’s attracted to you. Increase the flirting and the exchange of banter between the two of you.

Before you finally ask her to be your girlfriend, watch out for signs that she’s attracted to you. If you recognize the signs that she’s attracted to you, too and you notice that the flirting and teasing between the two of you is becoming more frequent, then you know that she has now begun to consider the possibility of being romantically involved with you. By the time you ask her, she’ll be so relieved that you feel the same way she feels about you.

Follow these 3 steps for a great strategy to help you make a smooth transition from being her friend to her boyfriend.

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